Because Only Together We Can


Who We Are

Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI) is a not for profit Youth Leadership Development Organisation that is committed to changing the African narrative of poor leadership by equipping young people with outstanding leadership abilities that can engender corporate prosperity for the continent.

Over the years, GOTNI has been contributing to transforming the lives of Nigerian youths by equipping them with life changing leadership and interpersonal skills that enable them to succeed in life and become pillars of the society.



The African Leadership Conference (ALC) seeks to provide a platform to answer pertinent questions on the widespread crisis of leadership development and management that plague the African continent; engaging the Africans in diaspora as well as supporters of the African cause. The young people remain Africa’s greatest resource. They hold the key to the continent’s transformation. This transformation can only be achieved by investing in the youth through strategic programs of leadership training to transform their thinking, attitudes and mind-set.


Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI) was founded in 1992 by Linus Okorie at the age of 19 in the city of Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. GOTNI was birthed as a result of the dissatisfaction of this man at the Nigerian condition. He realized that the solution to the challenges facing us as a nation was to begin to consciously develop a new generation of leaders. GOTNI was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in February 2004.


A transformed and prosperous nation blessed with men and women of honor, vision, integrity, service and courage as her leaders and followers.


To transform our nation by consciously grooming and nurturing the youth into transformational leaders who have developed the commitment to serve with integrity and excellence.



To train, groom and nurture young people into becoming transformational leaders in every segment of the society.


To encourage men and women of honor and integrity to participate in the leadership process.


To inspire a sense of hope to a new generation of young people with the possibilities of our national greatness.


To motivate young people who seem to have lost confidence in themselves to develop self esteem, a sense of purpose and commitment to their vision.


To re-orientate the society to adopt a new value system such as patriotism, hard work, value for human life, respect for rule of law and commitment to a life of integrity.

Impact Stories

"...I am re-born a great woman..."

God bless this day, I was lost but now am found; I never knew the ways I can actually follow to achieve my dreams but after listening and participating in this program I think I am re-born a great woman who can actually stand strong against all odds and achieve my goals to fight against gender-inequality. God bless Sen. Victor and GOTNI for mentoring me.

Confidence Restored

Firstly, my confidence was restored due to the fact that I had lost hope as a result of series of failures in the process of starting a business. Secondly I learnt that being focused is key in whatever you do. Setting a financial goal is one other thing I learnt from the leadership clinic.